Our Services


Hannay will participate in design decisions, evaluations, studies, value engineering, value analysis, scheduling and constructability reviews working hand-in-hand with the Owner and the project team. Additionally, Hannay will visit the site, identify the logistics, lead times and timing required for the construction project. Hannay will also use it's local knowledge and experience with municipalities, subcontractors and suppliers to identify potential challenges that could arise during construction. These pre-construction functions will result in a comprehensive set of construction drawings and work schedule that will nail down the scope of work, total construction cost and completion date for the client.


Using construction drawings provided by the client, Hannay Construction will formulate a comprehensive estimate by calculating the project's labor, material and equipment costs utilizing databases and multiple subcontractor pricing. Additionally, Hannay Construction will interface with the project owner, architect and engineers as needed to identify and recommend potential cost savings through value engineering items identified to be more conducive to existing conditions, the project budget and the owners expectations.


Hannay Construction will create a comprehensive construction schedule with milestones, activities, and expected deliverables in any format or level of detail requested by the client. Hannay utilizes standard planning and scheduling methodologies that maximizes the most efficient use of material, labor and equipment resources Our Project Managers will meet with your staff to verify that the scheduling process is completed to your satisfaction and all dates are met.

Field Operations

Hannay Construction utilizes experienced field personnel who manage and monitor the daily work and progress of our construction projects. Our Field personnel teams includes a Foreman, Superintendent and Project Manager. Having three levels of supervision on every project insures that the construction process stays on-schedule while maximizing quality control and work efficiency. We also have a operations staff in-house that includes top notched tradesmen to supplement subcontractor activities if the need arises.

Quality Control

At Hannay Construction, we believe that quality control (QC) to be one of the cornerstones of our business. Our project manager has the responsibility of implementing our quality program with oversight by senior management. We provide consistent quality control on all our construction projects by having developed comprehensive QC operating procedures which we implement on a day to day basis. This quality control process also helps us select reliable suppliers, ensures construction standards and verifies any special requirements set forth by the client.


After the project is complete, we perform a walk through with the owner to address and complete any punch list items on a timely basis. We consider the turn over process as a final step in seamlessly transitioning and preparing the owners successful take over of their property. During the close out, we spend time with the owners to train them on how to operate and maintain their new facility and provide redline drawings for their future reference.